Making an ideal kitchen entails fitting your kitchen with ideal equipment. Then list of kitchen equipment available in the market today is endless. Knowing exactly what kind of equipment will be fitted with is subjective. You must full understand what meals will be made in your kitchen. For domestic kitchens, the equipment heavily relies on what the home loves cooking, and in what manner he or she loves it cooked. As for a restaurant, the owner must put into consideration what the menu will contain. He must also estimate the volumes of food that will be cooked. The list of kitchen equipment is inexhaustible. However, there is equipment known to be ideal for any kitchen. These are equipment that makes a kitchen efficient and ideal.


Below is a list of the equipment:
• The oven: the oven/stove equipment is an ideal appliance that works as an oven and a stove.
• Fryers(deep fryers with baskets are now available)
• Microwave oven
• Coffee maker
• Toaster (might be combined with an oven)
• Skillets (they can be deep, with or without lids depending on kitchen needs)
• Pots (their sizes may vary too)
• A colander for washing your veggies and draining pasta
• Aluminum foil (especially for restaurants)
• Coolers: domestic kitchens may only require cooler bags. Restaurants may require reach-in or walk-in coolers.
• A freezer(size may vary according to type of kitchen)
• Food processor
• Chopping boards
• Knives
• Mixing bowls
• Dishes of varying sizes
• Dish towels and floor mats
• Baking sheets

The above list is ideal for both domestic and restaurant kitchens. However, restaurants or commercial kitchens require more than this to be ideal. In addition to the above list, the following may be added to their list:
• A grill
• Steam tables
• Pizza supplies
• Ladles

Of course, utensils are a very useful part of the kitchen equipment. Whisks, spoons, spatulas and brushes lie in this category. Utensils are the secret to well prepared ingredients, and well prepared ingredients are the secret to a sweet meal.



How well your kitchen equipment suits what you cook is the key to determining whether your kitchen is ideal or not. This means that your recipe (or menu) is the determiner of what equipment you will buy. The more extensive your recipe is, the more equipment you require. It is worthy to note there is basic kitchen equipment that a kitchen cannot work without. A kitchen does not have to be complicated; it does not need sophisticated equipment to be called ideal. What you need to make an ideal kitchen is equipment that caters for all the meals you make.