New home owners will need some basic kitchen equipment to get started with a functional kitchen beyond the typical appliances that are commonplace. Of course, buying a new home is a challenging time, not only emotionally but also financially and there are often only limited resources to dedicate towards kitchen equipment. Understanding how to best dedicate your limited resources can help you to meet your financial obligations but also to have the right tools needed to cook healthy and delicious meals for yourself. Here are some of those essential kitchen tools that you should invest in right away to get your kitchen up to speed.


Quality Pots and Pans

To cook anything in your kitchen you will need a quality set of pots and pans. There are many different materials that they come in but for most people the best option to start with is a stainless steel set. While stainless steel is not as good of a heat conductor as aluminum or copper pans, it is more durable than aluminum, most cost effective than either, and requires little to no maintenance. Consider buying a basic set of affordable pans and then supplement the set with specialty pieces that you may find useful as time goes on. If you want to keep it basic many people can keep it really basic with a stock pot, sauce pan, and a frying pan at start.


You will need a good set of knives to cook anything. There are also many different materials that are used in knives including stainless steel, carbon steel, and ceramic. While opinions vary, stainless steel knives are a great place to start. Choose knives that require sharpening as they will last longer and buy an affordable knife sharpener. Search for quality brands and consider buying either a knife set that offers a large discount on individual pieces or a good quality chef’s knife with plans to expand your collection as time goes on.

Cutlery, Plates, and Cups

cutleryYou will need to purchase a variety of these items for your home. If you are looking to keep it simple and affordable buy ceramic plates and cup sets and stainless steel cutlery. These are widely available at affordable prices and can easily be found at any home goods store.

Specialty Pieces

From here you will have the basic kitchen equipment that you will need to get started in your new home but you will still suffer when putting together the meals that you enjoy. Spend some time thinking about the meals that you enjoy eating and the tools that are needed to make them. For pasta will need a strainer to separate the pasta from the boiled water. For rice, it is likely worthwhile to buy a rice maker. Try not to overdo it and pick up those items that you use frequently before you branch out into the more esoteric kitchen equipment. You will have plenty of time to build your kitchen into a fully functioning one and will have more resources later on to do so.